Building Homes in Myrtle Beach for Out-of-Town Clients

Myrtle-beach-custom-home-remodelMany of our clients are homeowners who, after visiting Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand for several years on vacation, have decided to either relocate, build a second home, or invest in vacation rental along the South Carolina coast. Working with out-of-town clients has challenges; however, we make it our goal to keep all homeowners in the loop regardless of their proximity to our offices.

So, how do we make sure our out-of-town clients feel as though they are not missing out on anything???


This one may be obvious, but this is the most crucial part of our process!

Construction and design clients not only have Kris Dumas, our Construction Sales Manager, as the primary point-of-contact person throughout the entire process, they also have a dedicated construction manager or an in-house designer, depending on the current stage of the process, to answer any questions. Since we have a full in-house construction, design, and real estate team in addition to our administrative staff, there is always someone to answer questions.

Builder Trend

This management software has made it easy to integrate schedules so that our team members are always on track with the exact phase of each home and know what is coming up next. Clients log in to check on the current stage of the process, review invoices, submit change orders, and much more!

Ensuring that our workflow is seamless and transparent to our clients is an integral aspect of the construction and design process. Builder Trend also allows for each homeowner to have an interactive role during each phase of the process, eliminating any unexpected surprises or delays in changes that are inevitable with any home.

In-person Meetings

When clients are in town, we make sure one of our team members, most likely Kris Dumas, is available to review the project, walk clients through the job site, if possible, and answer any questions. When clients are in the design phase, they'll meet with one of our in-house designers on floor plans or selections. Our team is readily available for all clients to ensure communication is open and everyone is aware of everything going on throughout the entire office.

Video Conferences 

Technology has obviously played a key role in streamlining the process of working with out of town clients. For those our can’t make it to our offices as often as they'd like, they can still meet with our team face-to-face via video calls that can be regularly scheduled at the convenience of our clients.

We are proud to offer our clients real estate, design, and construction services and have developed an efficient process to assist with every step of the process from the first consultation to the final walkthrough. If you are looking to purchase a lot, build a new, custom home, or remodel an existing space, contact us today to get started. Regardless of how close or far away you live, we will make you feel like you are right here every step of the way.


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