Can't Find A New Home? Build New!

It has been said that it's always a good time to buy real estate. In Myrtle Beach, we have seen consistent increases in housing prices. With demand now high, and fewer homes on the market, this may be the best possible time to consider building the home of your dreams. Right now, nobody would predict that prices will go down anytime soon!

Market Forces Are Fueling Demand For New Construction - Get Ahead Of Rising Cost Now With A Cost Plus Contract!

In addition, as the economy rebounds in the wake of the pandemic, there are new expectations that we will also see higher prices for both construction materials and labor costs over the next year, based on growing demand. That reinforces the idea that getting started now is a strategically smart move. With the right builder, you can act now to design and build a custom home that will perfectly meet your family's needs.

Work With A Custom Home Builder

Every family is different. If a stock home does not satisfy your needs, modifications and extras can be costly. But by working with a custom design-builder from the outset, you will have a finished home that perfectly reflects your taste and accommodates your lifestyle without expensive modifications or change orders.

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Leverage Your Advantages With A Design-Builder

A contractor that places the emphasis on distinctive home design with the goal of satisfying individual needs can be every bit as competitive as a builder of cookie-cutter designs. Working with an experienced design-builder means that not only the plans but also the timetable can be personalized and adjusted to meet individual needs.

Building a new home with our experienced Myrtle Beach team allows you the advantages of working with a full-service real estate agency as well as with a custom home builder dedicated to helping you realize your dreams. Why not see for yourself the benefits of our "one-stop-shop" and discover the great ideas that can be incorporated when we apply our comprehensive expertise and dedication to detail to your homebuilding project.

Consider The Advantage Of A Cost Plus Contract

Fixed price contracts are the norm in normal times. But when demand outpaces supply, and prices fluctuate dramatically, the result can be the substitution of lower-quality materials or extra charges to compensate for higher costs. Both the builder and the buyer can be hurt during uncertain times. A "cost plus" agreement offers benefits and better protection for both sides.  

When the builder and buyer agree on specifications for a new home, a detailed list of materials is prepared. Current price estimates form the basis for a detailed cost estimate but allow for adjustment if materials prices change prior to or during the construction. An agreed rate -- actual cost plus a percentage markup -- is an equitable way to enable both builder and buyer to share some of the uncertainty of uncertain times.

In the event that prices go down, the buyer benefits; but when prices are increased by the supplier, the builder does not suffer and there is no need to substitute lesser-quality materials. It is a win-win solution, particularly right now, when there is reason to believe that seasonal weather patterns may result in lower prices on some basic home-building materials for the next six months or so.

So, whether you're ready to get started, or if you're just looking for more information about Myrtle Beach market demand contact us now to schedule a conversation. We're here to service you with all your buying, selling and building needs!

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