Designing A Pet Friendly Home

Home Design With Pets In Mind

For a lot of people, owning a pet is like having another family member. Pet owners must consider their animals when choosing fabric, flooring, and other decorative options for their Myrtle Beach home. But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise your sense of style. Though “pet-friendly” and “interior design” seem contradictory concepts, they don’t have to be. 

In celebration of National Pet Day, we’ve compiled a list of tips to assist you with designing a beautiful, yet functional home that you and your pets can appreciate. One of our TIDES featured local business owners, Kimberly Grigg of Knotting Hill Interiors, has personal experience designing pet-friendly homes. A mother of 6 and proud owner of a purebred Standard Poodle named Gatsby, Kimberly knows firsthand that function and durable materials are key to balancing a beautiful interior design. According to Kimberly, “You can have a beautiful home that reflects your style with pets too!”
 She and our interior design team recommend the following for keeping a well-designed home protected from your furry friends... 

Seating Selections

Aesthetic is essential, but functionality is crucial when it comes to selecting a material for your couches that are pet-friendly. Plush white furniture is gorgeous but dangerous! If you know your cat loves to cuddle on the couch, think about this when making your fabric choices. Try upholstering your favorite sitting chairs in synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabrics are made to repel pet hair and are resistant to scratches while also designed with non-absorbent qualities to keep spills from staining. 

Patterns and prints are recommended to help disguise dirt and stains.  “All fabrics are prone to some extent of pet wear-and-tear, however, throw blankets and decorative pillows are a great way to add texture and bold colors to your decor while doubling as a security guard against claws and dirty paws. Embrace them!”, encourages Kimberly.

Treated leather can also be a great option, especially if your animals lack sharp claws. This timeless, luxury style is versatile making this a great choice for pet owners. Leather is consistently IN and the supple cracks and discolorations serve as vintage-style character causing the natural wear and tear to be equally, if not more appealing with age!

Paw-Safe Flooring

Flooring is arguably the most important decision when choosing something that will be both stylish and durable. Hardwood has long been the look of luxury and is preferred by many homeowners though unfortunately not the most suitable flooring choice for homes with pets. No matter how architectural styles change, the look of hardwood always modifies with elegance with its undeniable beauty. That’s why our local partner, Shoreline Flooring of Myrtle Beach offers resilient porcelain and ceramic tile flooring that resembles the look of wood by simulating wood's color, grain, and even texture. This is a very popular trend in the home construction and design industry and not just for those who have furry friends. It's
a style that is always in fashion while also suiting all your family's needs. If at all possible, avoid wall-to-wall carpeting, especially in high-traffic living areas.

Low Maintenance Bedding

In your bedrooms, opt for duvet covers. They are simply easier to machine wash and often don’t require any special laundering. Again, patterns and prints can help minimize the appearance of dirt and stains between washings.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Design your home with your pets in mind to prevent from having to spend tons of money on replacements and repairs. Contact our designers at CRG Companies to help with your next decorating or designing project.

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