Eco-Friendly Custom Home Design

With striking curb appeal and incredible green features, this custom Myrtle Beach home was designed for the ultimate in eco-friendly living. Eco-friendly living is a priority for many people seeking to make a home purchase, and we agree. The implementation of sustainable building practices to our Grand Strand real estate not only positively affects our coastal environment, but also increases the value of the homes for sale while also providing a cost-effective advantage.

Designing For Greater Efficiency

This CRG custom built home is one of our greenest home designs yet, implementing numerous products and processes to lessen our carbon footprint by avoiding environmental pollution and allowing the sustainable use of resources.


Plants With A Purpose

A living roof between the home and garage space was added as a unique exterior feature that also offers energy-efficient benefits! The low-maintenance feature of vegetation helps mitigate the urban heat island effect. Green roofs have a significant benefit for our coastal environment because the reflectivity of the leaves of the plants and the evaporation rates are maximized in the heat. Green roofs have the same great reflective benefits as metal roofs. The sun's heat rays are bounced back away from your home. Therefore, the temperature control offered by a living roof reduces the amount of energy needed to moderate the temperature of your home.

Eco-Friendly Custom Home Design green roof

Contemporary And Cost-Saving

Of the various green home solutions we use, metal roofing is definitely one that has become popular, even among the most skeptical homeowners and buyers. Acting as a contemporary home feature but also a cost-saving and energy-efficient investment, metal roofing provides great insulating capabilities as it reflects solar radiant heat keeping your home comfortable while reducing cooling costs. Metal roofs contain a large amount of recycled content and are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life but, with that being said, metal roofs often last far longer than the home itself. Their superior energy-saving features, unmatched longevity, and high recyclability make this an environmentally friendly solution!

Eco-Friendly Custom Home Design

On The Cooler Side

Additionally, we selected Nichiha, a premium brand of siding for the exterior. Nichiha products are comprised of a fiber cement formula that contains increased amounts of fly ash, an inert byproduct of coal-burning power plants that would otherwise end up in landfills. This material is installed in tracks which creates an air space between it and the wall sheeting. This technique helps with the thermal barrier and allows the home's internal temperature to be moderated.

These are just a few of the possible products used in home construction to make a home sustainable. Our team can work with you to identify interior finishes, fixtures, and products that can be tailored to what matters most to you.

Eco-Friendly Custom Home Design

If you are interested in learning more about energy-efficient and eco-friendly construction,  contact us today! CRG's fully integrated team is able to help you no matter what step of the process you are in. From starting your search to finding that perfect lot in your ideal neighborhood, our team can help you buy, sell or build your dream home into a reality. 

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