First-Time Home SELLERS Guide

There are endless resources for first-time homebuyers however when it comes time to sell your home the process can be just as overwhelming. If you’ve thought about selling your home but aren't sure how to begin, keep reading for our guide to successfully selling your home. Above all being prepared is key.

5 Steps to Successfully Selling Your Home:

  1. Know Your WHY
  2. Hire An Experienced Listing Agent
  3. Prepare Your Home 
  4. Showings, Offers & Contracts
  5. Prepare For Closing

Step 1: WHY Sell Your Home Now?

You may want to sell, but why? Currently, inventory is in high demand and home prices in the Myrtle Beach market have been on the rise for some time. This can make it enticing to sell now however if you don’t have a concrete reason, this may not be the right time. Selling a home may seem easy, but there are a ton of things that can throw a wrench in the plan. If you’re serious, you should have a timeline in place, a budget for any repairs or changes, and an outcome (price) that is acceptable to you as well as a plan for where you will move next. 

STEP 2: Hire An Experienced Listing Agent

Choosing a realtor is one of the most important steps in the process. You want a realtor that is experienced enough to provide insight and guidance yet also one you trust to keep your best interest in mind.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a Realtor®:

  • Consider what's important to you. Know your communication style to see if they match. Do you need them to be available by phone or do you prefer text and email? The way they communicate with you makes a difference. Time availability is also important, make sure they are available when you are!
  • Look at the discrepancies. If you see any red flags, address them immediately. The last thing you want to do is work with someone you didn’t have a good vibe from in the beginning stages.
  • Research your agent. Your Realtor's® web presence says a lot about how they will market your listing. Check for professional social media profiles, website bios, and reviews. Ask for references and also look at their sales stats for the last 6-12 months. 

Once you make your decision, you’ll be asked to sign a listing agreement. This describes the scope of work of the agent and your responsibilities as a seller. It also has the fees and commissions associated with them representing you. It should have the length of time, sales, price, and any exceptions to their commission. You can only have a listing agreement with one Realtor at a time so be sure you understand all of the details in the agreement prior to signing. 

Step 3: Prepare Your Home

Time to declutter and get organized! Your agent can help you determine which home renovations on your list are truly necessary and can also advise you on how to stage your home for a quick sell. Keep in mind you want to give the buyers enough room to see themselves in your home so minimize family photos and the clutter of day-to-day life such as kid's art and stacks of mail. Also, be sure to keep up with your home maintenance 

You'll also need to help your agent prepare your listing, here are a few things to help:

  • Make a list of all major appliances and the year they were purchased as well as any major home renovations you have completed. 
  • Share any known issues with your property with your agent, likewise if there are special features they wouldn't know by touring the home be sure to share!
  • Help your agent determine a price that will work for you! Know what you owe on your home and what price you are willing to accept in the sale. You will need to communicate honestly with your Realtor® so they can best represent you. 

Step 4: Showings, Offers & Contracts

While your agent can share market statistics on showings and days on the market, there is no crystal ball to know how quickly your home will sell! A few ways you can help:

  • Share your listing with your own personal network.
  • Prepare yourself for multiple and last-minute showings. Decluttering your home will help here as well as having a daily clean-up routine for you and your family before leaving the home. 
  • Respond to inquires and offers quickly. 
  • Once under contract, you will still have things to do based on inspections and appraisals. Listen to your Agent for guidance and once again, acting quickly to requests will help keep things moving along!

STEP 5: Prepare For Closing

Once you get past all the inspections and everything, the last part is the closing. There could be delays in the financing, appraisal, or inspection, so be prepared. At the closing, there will be quite a few documents to sign which your Realtor and attorney will review with you.

While you wait for closing be sure to continue to keep up with your home, something can still break the deal so you want to be sure your home is ready just in case you have to go back to re-list quickly. Be sure to also have movers lined up and be prepared ahead of time for your move. 

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