2017 Home Design Trends

Welcome 2017 With New Interior Design Trends

When considering redecorating or remodeling your Myrtle Beach home, especially for a oceanfront or beach rental, you will want to invest in materials and pieces that are trendy yet timeless to maintain your investment. At CRG Companies, our design team constantly works with our vendors to stay current with styles that will not only make an impression today, but stand the test of time. With the new year we bring you new home design trends along with tips that will help you determine the best trends that fit your style.

The New Face of Design In 2017

Flawlessly white home interiors, sharp edges, and smooth spaces dominated in 2016 but this year is trending with some new ideas. A fusion of classic design with modern sensibilities will be popular. Whether you're doing a full remodel or redecorating one room at a time, below are the key trends to know if you are looking to give your Myrtle Beach home a facelift.

Setting The Color Tone For Your Home

The design world is welcoming an exciting blush palette as a neutral created by mixing hues of gray and beige.


Introducing the Pantone Color Of The Year - Greenery. This zesty yellow-green hue suggests new beginnings evoking consumers to pursue personal passions and vitality while seeking a reconnection with nature. This neutral green pairs well with Pantone’s suggested blues. Bring the outdoors in by adding Greenery to accents such as pillows or painted accent furniture.

Deep tones of navy add an easy touch of regal elegance to any space. Using this dark blue as a neutral makes it easy to pair with almost any other color. Go for a classic navy and white theme or build a modern contrast with bright and bold colors. The possibilities are endless lending navy as a perfect foundation for a beautiful space. 

Comfortable Beauty

That sleek, modern design from last year may appear cold and flat. Textures like wood and textiles that have pattern and movement will reconnect us with those sterile feeling spaces. Consider pairing two different cabinet styles together, go for a full wall of subway tiles rather than a common backsplash, or add a rich wooden chest to uplift a stark interior.


Similarly, by adding freshness and warmth to a room that formerly passed as contemporary, accents of patterns and bold colors will flaunt your space. This year, try upholstering your favorite sitting chairs with a printed navy or dark green fabric.

Old meets new in 2017 as traditional furniture structures reappear yielding a space of calm and comfort. Circular furniture and rounded edges replace sharp edges and flat spaces.

Trendy But Timeless Lighting Designs

Your homes ambience can be manipulated just by how you position the lighting and the type of fixtures you use. Lighting also changes from room to room meaning what feels good in the kitchen may not work in the bedroom. Lighting should reflect the functions and feel of each space. 2017 is not bringing any radical changes to lighting design although there are several eminent trends you should take note of.


Large hanging pendant lights will begin to make a strong appearance as they’re both eccentric and practical while also freeing up space especially in smaller bedrooms.

Mid-century modern designed fixtures remain in demand with their balance of form and art. It is an iconic and timeless trend highlighting quality that will endure the test of time.

Vintage milk glass pendants and lamps provide a nostalgic design trend that has been around for dozens of decades but is making a strong reappearance!

Design Your Home Today

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