Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Myrtle Beach Home Looking Good Year-Round

As a homeowner, you are the caretaker of your investment and, although Myrtle Beach homeowners don’t have to winterize their homes like our friends to the North, it’s still important to make regular maintenance part of your seasonal home care plan. Along with inspections, routine maintenance throughout the year can prevent unnecessary repairs and expenses while keeping and improving the value of your home investment.

Tips for Seasonal Home Maintenance around Myrtle Beach

 Whether you’ve recently built, remodeled, or just relocated, getting into the smart habit of preventative care will ensure a healthier, more enjoyable home with lower long-term costs of upkeep. Our team of construction professionals has put together a list of quick and easy reminders to help you properly care for and maintain your property throughout the year. 


Cover Hose Bibbs - Although the climate in Myrtle Beach remains fairly mild throughout each season, there are the occasional days and weeks when we experience cold weather. Hose bibbs that are exposed to freezing temperatures can be damaged and are often expensive to replace. Protect your hose bibbs from freezing by covering the spigots with an insulated foam faucet cover before the cold weather hits.

Clean Out Your Gutters - In the South, you’re less likely to have ice form in your gutters. Nevertheless, fallen leaves and debris clogging your gutters can cause a leaky roof or water damage to the interior or exterior of your home. Gutters play an important role in your home's well-being as they control the flow of rainwater.

Check Fire Extinguishers Monthly - Ensure it's in an easily accessible location that is not being blocked by anything else. Check the pressure gauge once a month to make sure it shows adequate pressure and look to make sure there are no visible signs of damage. Fire extinguishers be replaced every 5-15 years, depending on the manufacturer.

Change HVAC Filters As Needed - Check the heating ventilation and air condition vent filters each month and change them if they are dirty. Otherwise, inspect again next month and change as necessary. Clogged filters make heating and cooling systems run less efficiently. This wasted energy can cost you money while trapping harmful pollutants and allergens in your home.

Change HVAC filters to keep house running efficiently

Test GFCI Outlets Every Three Months - The function of a ground-fault circuit interrupter ( a.k.a. “GFCI”) is to detect dangerous current flows and immediately shut off power. This is a critical part of your home’s safety. Most GFCI outlets wear out after 10 years. To ensure your GFCI outlets are reliable and working properly, test them every three months using a circuit tester that has its own GFCI test button. Plug in the tester and push its test button. If the GFCI is working correctly, the power will go off. Simply press the reset button to restore power. If the power does not go off, you must replace the GFCI immediately.

Check Weather Stripping And Caulking Around Doors And Windows - Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed. Over time caulk dries, cracks, and weakens. As a result, it becomes less effective and no longer seals against moisture and air infiltration causing loss of heat, air, energy, and ultimately money.

Check / Check or Change Smoke Alarm Batteries - All detectors should have a “test” button. Press this and if the alarm sounds, the device is functioning, if not, you must replace batteries.

Periodically run some Ice Cubes Through the Garbage Disposal - Run ice cubes through the disposal to sharpen the blades. Make sure you run cold water when running the disposal as hot water and grease can cause clogs.

Regular maintenance can prevent a bigger problem down the road


Like a health physical at the doctor's office, a regular home maintenance routine is crucial for the longevity of your home's well-being. Continuing to check up on your homes indoor and outdoor appliances, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, roofing, pest control, and electrical systems will help to keep your home running efficiently, prevent major issues, and ultimately save you money. 

Here To Help

Keeping up with routine maintenance of your home is one of the most fundamental ways to avoid loss in value and to keep your home running efficiently. CRG is here to provide you with the best quality homes and services. By following these preventative home care tips, your home will stay clean and in working condition for a long time to come. Let our CRG construction team be your resource for any questions you may have regarding your home.

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