Step 4 In Building A Custom Home: Home Builder Selection

Step Four in building a custom home is selecting a reputable builder


Once you’ve selected the perfect neighborhood and designed your dream home… the next step is to select a home builder you can trust to bring your plans for your dream home to life. In order to avoid trouble when building a custom home, we highly advise asking home builder candidates key questions prior to selection.

We’ve compiled a few key topics you want to be sure to cover with each candidate when interviewing for your potential home builder.

  • Get Into The Details... Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when you are looking at price. This will help avoid surprises along the way when you find services you thought were included are actually additional charges or worse, not even offered by your builder.
  • Dig Deep For References... Custom homes are inevitably going to have things that come up after the build is over.. What’s important is how your builder handles those warranty claims. Be sure to check references that are older than the last few years.
  • Where Do They Work? Our market is hot, which means more builders pop up to make some quick money. Trust your custom home construction to a builder who is qualified, insured and will be around down the road when you need them!

Trusted with one of the largest investment decisions in your life, it is essential to take the time now and research trusted builders prior to selecting a company. Assessing the strength of the business is a key determining factor during the selection process, in addition to the candidates’ ability to fully understand services and plans.

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