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Buying a home in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is home to both affordable and luxurious Oceanfront Living! If you are planning to purchase a home in the Myrtle Beach area, our experienced agents are prepared to assist you! We are committed to locating the best values on the Myrtle Beach market!

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With several up and coming Myrtle Beach neighborhoods, and houses for sale in established Myrtle Beach communities, there has never been a better time to consider purchasing a new property! One unique feature about the Myrtle Beach area is that it offers vacationers and residents an opportunity to enjoy fine dining, family attractions, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment - all within a reasonable distance of every Myrtle Beach Community.

Buying or Investing? Keep this in mind!

  • Work with a licensed, reputable REALTOR®.
  • Review current mortgage rates and terms- shop around for the best deals!
  • Get prequalified with a lender so you will know your purchasing ability!
  • Visit several property listings; take photos and make notes of your favorites
  • Always think in terms of resale value, even if you plan to stay permanently.
  • Determine your current and future housing needs.
  • Make a fair market offer on your favorite property.
  • Arrange for a thorough home inspection.
  • Work with a reputable closing attorney!

Are you nervous about buying a home? You don’t have to be!

Buying a new home or a second home can seem nerve wracking, to say the least. Learning about your rights as a home buyer will have a positive impact on your purchasing experience!

Stay in touch with the local real estate market - Know the value of homes in the area where you are planning to purchase. You do not want to over pay for your home or investment property!

Have a down payment - If possible, approach a purchase with money to pay for your down payment and closing costs. Your down payment will be determined by the type of mortgage you select. Down payments can range anywhere from 3% to 20% of the property value, mortgages may also require you to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) if your down payment is less that 20%.

All closing costs must be prepaid and placed in escrow, this includes mortgage points, taxes, title insurance, finance costs, and all other settlement costs related to your transaction. Generally you will receive an estimate of these costs at the time you apply for your mortgage. You may also consider asking the seller to pay your closing costs as a part of your transaction.

Finding a knowledgeable, local real estate agent is a wonderful way to place your mind at ease! We can help you navigate the many neighborhoods in our area as well as provide valuable resources. Call (843)651-8460 or contact us today!

Know your spending limits! Even if you prequalify for a higher limit, you do not want to purchase a property that will be more than what you can afford long term. As a general rule your mortgage payment should be no more than a quarter of your gross monthly income. Your outstanding debts and your monthly housing expenses should not exceed 30-40% of your gross income.

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Know the expenses that come with home ownership! Expenses can include utility bills, homeowners insurance, maintenance costs (plumbing, heating, cooling, etc.) Try to set aside money for unexpected emergencies as well.

Keep an eye on your credit - Lenders will review your credit history! They determine how much debt you owe, how many outstanding accounts you have, whether or not your payments are made in a timely manner, etc. If possible, obtain a credit report from the three main credit reporting agencies - TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

Avoid excessive spending prior to applying for a mortgage! Resist the urge to purchase high priced items such as a new vehicle. This is the number one reason buyers either fail to qualify for a mortgage, or they are approved for less than what they expected.

As Realtors®, we often receive inside information about properties prior to their availability on the market. Simply fill out our Property Request Form to receive the latest information about Myrtle Beach homes that meet your search criteria!

Are you considering buying a vacation home?

Many of the same principles apply to purchasing vacation homes as they do for primary residences. If you are considering purchasing a second home or investment property - check the local market to see what the vacancy rates are for the area; make sure the property is affordable or make a fair market offer on the listing; make sure the property offers ease of access to major roadways; and above all else, make sure your property is within close proximity to quality dining, entertainment and to the offerings of the city!

If you are currently selling a home in the Grand Strand area in order to purchase a new property, please visit Sellers Resources! While you are here, register to receive a free online market analysis for your property!

Additional Myrtle Beach Buyer Resources!

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