REO Specialists Can Assist in Selling Foreclosed Home or Short Sales

If you are looking to sell a foreclosed home or short sale in Myrtle Beach or the surrounding areas, the best place to start is a by working with a Certified Foreclosure Specialist or Short Sale Specialist. Our REO Specialist is experienced in not only listing and marketing the home for sale but also managing the preparation of the home for sale and ongoing maintenance necessary. With a responsive, Certified Foreclosure Specialist and Short Sale Specialist who also has a expansive knowledge of the Myrtle Beach area and a full construction team on hand, asset managers working with CRG Homes will find they save time and sell faster!

Our Real Estate Management Services Provided:

  • Field ServicesAsset
  • Management Brokerage
  • Closing and settlement
  • Title Curative Services
  • Title Search And Grading
  • Short Sale Management
  • HOA Identification And Dues Management
  • Property Registration Services
  • Customized Marketing Plans
  • Eviction Services
  • Occupied Property Sales
  • Seller Representation
  • All Tasks Handled Immediately & Accurately With Precision
  • Fast And Accurate BPO's
  • Quick Response Systems And Availability
  • Negotiate Cash For Keys
  • Re-Keys Done In 1 Day
  • Utility Services & Maintenance Arranged In One Business Day
  • Multiple Contractor Bids Within 2 Business Days
  • 10 Licensed Professionals & 2 Unlicensed Professionals On Team
  • 500+ Local Foreclosure Buyer Leads Created Monthly Through 110+ Websites
  • Highly Trained Staff
  • Coordination Of Evictions
  • Court Appearances As Expert Witness During Eviction Hearings
  • Full Time Currier & Photographer
  • Complete REO/Asset Management Services
  • Utility services and maintenance arranged within 24 hours
  • Full Service Real Estate Brokerage
  • Fully computerized and automated

The following will be completed immediately:

  • Occupancy status determined immediately
  • Property is secured and re-keyed, if vacant
  • Cash-For-Keys negotiations opened, if applicable
  • Eviction proceedings started, if applicable
  • Job estimates initiated
  • Wood-destroying organism report ordered
  • BPO completed to the client within deadline
  • Property photos sent to client (hard copy or email)
  • MLS input on day of assignment
  • Signs ordered with informational brochures
  • Advertising plan submitted
  • Submit to multiple Internet web sites and MLS
  • Supervise repairs, if allocated
  • Scheduled weekly property inspections
  • Timely and accurate monthly market updates
  • All contract negotiations and document preparation
  • Verified buyer qualification
  • Escrow deposit verification
  • Title order processed
  • Regular updates with buyer's mortgage company

Looking to Purchase a Foreclosure in Myrtle Beach?

For homeowners and investors that are looking for great opportunities in Myrtle Beach, foreclosures and short sales can be a worthwhile investment as property prices continue to increase.There are many advantages to purchasing a foreclosure or short sale, especially for investors who have the capital to renovate. It is also a way for buyers to purchase a quality home that is larger and/or on a more desirable location for a lesser price.

Facts on Purchasing a Foreclosure or Short Sale in Myrtle Beach :

  • Lenders are generally more willing to negotiate on all aspects of the sale including the asking price, the closing costs, down payment, and the length that the sale remains in escrow.
  • Building substantial equity in the property can happen much faster due to the lower initial cost, this can assist in building your credit as well as making a quick resale even easier.
  • The title will be clear! As the buyer, you will not take on any liens, back taxes, or mortgage costs incurred by the previous owners.
  • The property will usually be listed on MLS therefore the bank will pay your Agent's commission.
  • They take about as long as in escrow as properties that are not in foreclosure or being short sold.
  • The home is vacant and move-in ready
  • Home inspections and mortgage financing are allowed within normal due diligence/contingency period.

For the buyer, working with a Realtor who is a Certified Foreclosure Specialist or Short Sale Specialist can be instrumental in navigating the negotiations with the property owner who, in many cases, is a bank. An agent with a strong understanding of the local market can also assist in locating properties in foreclosure or short sale throughout the Myrtle Beach market that are great values.

 View listings for Myrtle Beach and surrounding area foreclosures and short sales, or read more about these types of sales.

What is a foreclosure?

Bank foreclosed homes are also called real estate owned (REO) foreclosures. When property owners are unable to make payments on their bank -held mortgage loan, the bank forecloses on the property in an attempt to repossess it. This is how a property becomes a bank foreclosure.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is a process many property owners use to try an sell their property before foreclosure. It basically means the property is sold short(or less than) the amount still owed on the mortgage. The bank has to approve the sale and this process can take anywhere from 30-90 days.

Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas have seen an increase in foreclosures like many areas across the country. CRG Realtors works with many local banks to help find buyers for many of these properties. If you would like to receive updated lists of available properties that are short sales and foreclosures, please fill out the contact form. As new properties come available, he will email you updated lists. Many of these properties never make it to the local MLS.

If you own a property and would like Preston Guyton to help you try and sell it to avoid foreclosure, please call or email him anytime. Over the past couple of years he has kept a database of people that have registered on, and this database has grown to over 5,000 people. Each month we send out property emails to everyone on the list.

If you would like more information on the short sale process, we can email you more information to help you understand what it takes to successfully sell your property. Short Sales are a much better option, and have helped many people avoid going through a foreclosure.

Find out how a Myrtle Beach area short sale or foreclosure can work for you. Feel free to contact us at (843) 651-8460 or email via our contact form