Myrtle Beach Real Estate Sales

What's My Home Worth?

Are you thinking of selling your Myrtle Beach home? Having accurate information about home prices can help you make that important decision about whether or not to sell. Our Myrtle Beach property evaluation tool is a good place to start. Using properties currently on the market, the tool will give you an approximate valuation. You can zero in on an appropriate area or neighborhood around your home by adjusting the initial radius or by drawing a polygon around the area you want to compare.

Home Values In Myrtle Beach

In the Myrtle Beach area a beachfront property will be typically worth over $2 million, while custom houses within a couple of blocks from the beach or on the Intracoastal Waterway tend to be in the million plus bracket. In terms of oceanfront condos, there is a much greater variation between properties. If you are an investor, you will find beachfront efficiencies for less than $100,000, while spacious luxury residences with up to 5 bedrooms and panoramic ocean views can be over the 1 million mark. If it's a home in a golf community you're looking for you will find the luxury properties at the Grand Dunes at the top of the market. Here you'll find a range of custom single-family homes, starting at $400,000+ and running up into the millions for a beachfront property. Homes along the Arcadian Shores Course or Plantation Point would be more in the mid-range price point.

Why Use A Myrtle Beach Realtor®?

While our property valuation tool can give you an initial estimate of what your property is worth, you really need a Myrtle Beach realtor if you want to know the real value. A realtor has access to information not publically available about prices of recently sold homes and real estate market statistics that is necessary to give an exact valuation.

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