Real Estate Open Door Program

Realtor Safety as #1 Priority

At CRG Companies, we realize the real estate industry is a 24/7 business and Realtors often sacrifice their personal safety to save time in an effort to accommodate their clients needs for showings. That's why we are opening our doors for agents across the Grand Strand to stop in and take the extra step to verify their clients' identity before they head out for a showing as an extra safety measure.

In response to the growing need for Realtors' safety across the nation, we've adopted the Open Door Program that is occurring in a growing number of estate offices. We've made the process simple for everyone involved and no appointment is needed!

We just ask you follow a few steps:

1. Notify the CRG Companies agent on duty with a courtesy call ahead of time so they know to expect you.

2. Arrive a few minutes ahead of your client to ensure there is no confusion when they reach the office.

3. Meet your new client, verify their identity, and head out for your property tour!

Next time you are showing properties that are away from your office but close to ours feel free to use our space for a quick meeting to verify your clients identity. While it won't stop all criminals, the extra step and extra eyes on the person can be enough to deter some.  We hope more businesses across the Grand Strand consider implementing this policy to ensure the safety of those who serve our real estate needs daily.CRG COmpanies Office

The CRG Companies agent on duty can be reached by calling 843-213-6237 during normal office hours.