Are You Relocating to the Myrtle Beach Area? We can help!

Myrtle Beach is an amazing area with a wide variety of exciting activities. Myrtle Beach offers investors, vacationers and residents an opportunity to enjoy fine dining, family attractions, retail shopping, outlet shopping, nightlife, and entertainment. Not only is Myrtle Beach a year round vacation destination, it is also a prime choice for relocating permanently!

Myrtle Beach Community Information

Myrtle Beach offers a unique blend of housing opportunities! Modern living, country style homes, historic communities, golf communities, family friendly communities, active retirement communities, condos, townhomes, single family neighborhoods, rentals, vacation homes, master planned communities, all inclusive resort-style communities, townships, custom built neighborhoods, and more.

To read more about Myrtle Beach, or about communities surrounding Myrtle Beach, visit Myrtle Beach Communities! This page will also direct you to property listings found in the Myrtle Beach area.

Myrtle Beach History

The Myrtle Beach area is no stranger to growth and development. In the early 1900's settlers began paving the way for what would later become one of the most highly sought after vacation destinations in the nation. The entire Grand Strand coastline spans approximately 60 miles from one end to the other; 10 miles of this coastline form the heart of Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach Growth Rate and Myrtle Beach Statistics

Over the past 10 years, Myrtle Beach has experienced an average growth rate of 36.5% making it one of the fastest growing metropolitan locations in the United States! The average median age of permanent residents is 38 years of age, with 15% being over the age of 65. Myrtle Beach has a steady rental market, with an average vacancy rate of 29%. During peak tourist season the average Myrtle Beach population of 25,000 balloons to well over 300,000 people!

Myrtle Beach Housing Costs and Property Taxes

Homes in Myrtle Beach average in the mid $200,000 range, with luxury properties topping out in the million dollar range. Average apartment rentals cost $687 per month minus utilities. Property taxes in Myrtle Beach are based on millage; year-round residences are currently taxed at 4%, and second-homes/vacation properties are taxed at 6%. Residents over the age of 65 are eligible for Homestead exemptions which greatly reduce the cost of property taxes.

To learn more about property taxes in Horry and Georgetown County, visit Horry and Georgetown County Property Tax Information!

Fun Facts about South Carolina!

  • Grand Strand Area Code - 843
  • SC Dance - Shag
  • SC Popular Music - Beach Music
  • SC State Flower - Carolina Jessamine
  • SC State Tree - Palmetto
  • SC Fruit - Peach
  • SC Reptile - Loggerhead Turtle
  • SC Fish - Striped Bass
  • SC Animal - Whitetail Deer
  • SC Bird - Carolina Wren
  • SC Butterfly - Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
  • SC Shell - Lettered Olive
  • SC State Capital - Columbia
  • SC Nickname - The Palmetto State
  • SC Statehood - Admitted to the Union on May 23, 1788, the 8th state!

Myrtle Beach Climate - Myrtle Beach Temperatures - Myrtle Beach Hurricane Season

Our mild, temperate climate and warm summer days make Myrtle Beach the perfect location for residents looking to escape harsh winters or extreme weather conditions. Though our peak hurricane season begins in June and ends in November, we rarely experience hurricanes that cause severe damage to our area. Temperatures throughout spring and fall are pleasant with an average daily temperature of 75°F. The winter months are short and cool with an average daytime temperature of 56°F. Our warmest months are in the summer with average daily temperatures reaching 89°F.

How will I know if Myrtle Beach is the right area for me?

As with any move, finding a new home or even a second home can be a stressful endeavor. By taking the time to learn about the area you are relocating to, and by accessing the many resources available, you can greatly reduce your anxiety simply by learning about your future community. Finding a knowledgeable, local real estate agent is a wonderful way to place your mind at ease. We can help you navigate the many neighborhoods in our area as well as provide valuable resources that can make your transition easier.

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Additional Myrtle Beach Resources

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