Horry and Georgetown County Property Tax Information

In Horry and Georgetown County, real property tax notices are dispersed in the month of October. Real property taxes include land, houses, buildings, and mobile homes. Tax payments must be remitted by January 15th of the following year to avoid late fees and penalties. South Carolina's Constitution requires that properties be taxed in accordance with property value.

Tax assessments do not change unless physical changes have been made to the property, an assessable transfer of interest occurs, or a tax reassessment program has been implemented.

We have gathered the following local government resources in order to provide you with the most current tax information available!

Horry County Tax Assessors Office

Conway Office:

Government & Justice Center

Myrtle Beach Office:

1201 21st Avenue North


(843) 915-5040, 756-2121


(843) 915-6040

Mailing Address:

1301 Second Avenue
Conway, South Carolina 29526


Georgetown County Tax Assessors Office

Georgetown Office:

Room 106, 129 Screven Street



(843) 545-3014



Mailing Address:

P.O. Drawer 421270
Georgetown, SC 29442-1270


How is property taxed in South Carolina?

SC tax rate is reflected in "mills" or "millage rate", one mill equals one thousandth of one dollar (.001). The County Assessor appraises real property, the Auditor maintains property tax rolls and calculates individual property taxes, and the County Treasurer collects property taxes. All property is appraised at its fair market value then multiplied by the appropriate assessment ratio for the type of property.

All real property is assessed at a four percent (owner occupied primary residence) four or six percent (farm) or a six percent (all other) rate. Therefore, property taxes are determined by multiplying the fair market value, times the assessment ratio, times the millage rate. For example, the tax on your legal, full-time residence in Horry County is determined this way:

This example includes a home located in the unincorporated area of Horry County. (Qualified legal residence):

$125,000   Fair Market Value of Home
x __ 4%   Assessment Ratio (4% if qualified legal resident)
5,000   Assessed Value
x .2093   Countywide Millage Rate (Millage - 47.3, School - 139.3, Fire - 16.3, Waste - 6.4)
$1046.50   TAXES
___-596.50   Tax Credit - (5,000 @ .1193) School operations
$450.00   TAXES DUE

This example includes a commercial property located in the unincorporated area of Horry County:

$125,000   Fair Market Value of Home
x __ 6%   Assessment Ratio
7,500   Assessed Value
x .2093   Countywide Millage Rate (Millage - 47.3, School - 139.3, Fire - 16.3, Waste - 6.4)
$1569.75   TAXES DUE

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